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Premier Metro Realty. More Than Just A Name.

Founded by Janet Arklis in 2010, Premier Metro Realty has become a leading force in today's ever-changing market. When dealing with the real estate decisions that impact your future, follow the trusted professionals. After finding success in investing and managing properties, CEO Janet  fulfilled her passion and started her own company. An independent brokerage that began with a motivated, accomplished few is now building for the future with a rapidly growing innovative team and an expanding infrastructure. Embodying principled values – Janet remains hands-on by overseeing day to day operations & nurturing growth. Her support for PMR talent is paramount, always working to the client's benefit. With endless resources and experiential guidance, the passion she carry's for her business is held close and it shows in everything she does. From the top down we at PMR are an elite team of dedicated individuals and engaged property professionals holding pride in our craft.

Premier Metro Realty is smarter real estate.

With the future in the field changing we at PMR strive to stay ahead by always analyzing markets, trends & data in real-time. Communicating the world of real estate to you with a modern professionalism. That's how we do business. Clients are fully informed about the nuances and realities of a competitive market so that they can realize their decisions with clarity and confidence. Integrity and transparency come first. Every step of the way our agents provide candid and carefully considered advisement for your utilization. The success of our clients is our principal driver.

Premier Metro Realty is not just another brand.

Real estate is our life and it is our focus. We provide first rate service and unique business tools that enable us to be at your side every step of the way. Our expertise was garnered with years of experience and a firsthand know-how Premier Metro Realty stands above. With a keen eye for opportunities and our finger on the pulse, we are your here to be your personal property partners with immersive accommodation.

Premier Metro Realty welcomes you.

Our homes. Our work. Our investments. These are the most important aspects of our lives. These are the places where memories are made. These are the places that shape our future. Premier Metro Realty offers a vast wealth of experience and a background of knowledge in the property market of the city and beyond. Contact PMR today and get a seamless experience personally tailored to your needs. We look forward to hearing from you.